The daily maintenance of the machine(机器的日常维护.jpg

The maintenance of paper cup machines refers to weekly, monthly and yearly operation. Some work may be implemented by the operator, but most of work is recommended to be completed by the machine maintenance personnel.

The design life of SEE paper cup machines is more than 15 years. To implement the regular correct maintenance may ensure the stability of paper cup production.

Maintenance of the machine(机器的保养.jpg

The machines can be in good operating conditions and the service life of machines can be lengthened only when the user carries out regular maintenance for paper cup machines and improves the operating conditions of machines. The specific approach is as follows;

1. Properly implement daily point inspection work, and add gear oil or lubricating grease to movable joints and mechanical movement parts above the workboard.

2. Check if the cylindrical pins and elastic damping rings of mechanical connection parts are in place. In case of abnormal phenomena, please immediately carry out correction, or replace elastic damping rings.

3. Check if the fastener is firm. If nuts and bolts are loose, please immediately fasten them; otherwise, such looseness may result in strenuous vibration of machines, stroke disorder, and even serious problems like machine collision.

4. In case of abnormal noise and abnormalities at work, please immediately stop the operation of the machine and carefully carry out inspection.

5. The work on eliminating mechanical failure shall be completed by the personnel having mechanical knowledge and machine maintenance experience, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

6. The oil inlet filter screen of the oil pump in the lubrication system is required to be regularly cleaned (avoid that the oil passageway is blocked; if the oil is not delivered to the part needing the oil, this causes that the machine is seriously worn). In the first two months, new machines shall be cleaned once a week, and then it shall be cleaned once every half a month, so as to ensure unobstructed oil passageway and proper lubrication.